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As a beginner


do I need any experience to join?

Anybody wishing to join the club must have completed an Archery GB beginner’s course. We run courses regularly throughout the year both indoors and outdoors so no previous experience is required. Places on our beginners courses can be seen and booked online on our events page.

You also don’t need to have masses of upper body strength as it’s all about technique and we’ll make sure the equipment matches the archer.


What is a beginner’s course?

The beginner’s course is a series of sessions that take anybody with little to no archery experience and turns them into safe and competent archers.

The course usually totals between 9 and 12 hours depending on individual session length. Our qualified coaches and instructors take up to 12 people through a series of planned lessons that start with being measured up for equipment and go through to shooting recognised archery rounds. It doesn’t usually look as miserable as it does in the photo to the left!


What does the course cost?

The course costs £70 per person which covers provision of an induction pack and the use of all the required equipment. Participants do not need their own bow, we fully recommend that anybody thinking of purchasing their own equipment speaks to one of our coaches beforehand.


Are there any restrictions?

Archery is a very inclusive sport and our only real restriction is a minimum age of 10.

As archery is a sport that places significant stresses and strains on the upper body, especially the shoulders, we request that people make us aware of any injuries or problems they may have had in these areas. These are unlikely to prevent anybody from participating but our coaches can adjust the course to make it appropriate.


How do I sign up?

We now do sign ups via our online payments system whereby the beginners course tickets can be purchased on the events page. We will receive the required information for the course through a form and then the course details out via email. We can accept sign ups via cheque but please email us using the contact page for the required form. Places on the course will only be confirmed once payment has been made.

If the course cannot be seen on our events page then it is possible that it is full or it is not running. If you have purchased a ticket for a course but can no longer attend then we can issue a full refund within 180 days of the initial purchase. We will not refund after the commencement of the course.


What happens after the course?

After the course is completed participants will receive a certificate which can be used as proof of completion at any club or archery range. In order to continue shooting any archer must gain Archery GB insurance which can be done by joining the club. Our membership is also done online via the events page but paper forms can be requested from our membership officer via the contact page.

Membership fees are detailed on our information page.

Our coaches also continue to run development sessions throughout the year, usually on Sundays, which can help members progress from novices to wherever they wish to be. They also help more casual shooters maintain their form to prevent injury.

As an experienced archer

Experienced archers are asked to contact us before purchasing membership if they have not been a member of York Archers in the last 5 years, via our contact page. We would like to be sent proof of a completed beginners course which we will confirm and then membership may be purchased via the events page.

The fee structure is detailed on our information page.

If an archer does not have proof of membership then we ask that they attend a session for the purposes of an informal assessment. A coach or experenced member will make sure that they are safe and competent. This is not an assessment of ability, we just don’t want people hurting themselves or anybody else. After a successful assessment membership may be paid for on the website.

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The pro-rata fee structure is changed manually, please let us know if you believe the amount shown here is incorrect.

Your membership will be checked to make sure the correct fee has been paid.

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