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York Archers WRS WA1440 Weekend

York Archers WRS WA1440 Weekend

from 8.00

I am aware that the YAA website links directly to this ticket and not the event information page. Please see this page for event information and camping: https://www.yorkarchers.co.uk/upcoming/2019wa1440

Upon adding this ticket to your basket a form will pop up and require filling in so that we can allocate target spaces.

As it stands the number of tickets available is set, however, should there be increased demand for junior/senior or saturday only/sunday only spaces then we can shuffle ticket allocation. Please email us if you have any trouble (yorkarcherssociety@gmail.com).

Spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis based on the timestamp of purchase. In the highly unlikely event that my maths is incorrect (famous last words), and we sell too many spaces, then a full refund will be made to anybody that does not get a space.

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